“All you have to do is Breathe…”

Meditation and Breath Workshop

Destress – Energise – Shine

Weight gain (or loss) without a diet change, hair fall, stomach ache and stomach disorders, forgetfulness, sleep disorders, headaches, frequent colds and infections are just a few symptoms of stress.

Most people just accept stress and tension as part of their lives. They feel that they simply have to “cope” with the problems associated with stress and get on with life.

The Art of Living Meditation and Breath workshop has many techniques that allow you to de-stress and live your life without all the associated distress!

Positive psychologybelieves that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. The Yoga, meditations and interactive processes on an Art of Living course will enable you to expereince all this and more.

The profound and powerful Sudarshan Kriya that is taught on the program enables you to effortlessly let go of your stresses and tensions and introduces within you a tranquillity you never knew existed.  So you can be what you always wanted to be – healthy, poised, calm, relaxed and confident.

Advanced Meditation Program

Diving Deeper

The AMP is a residential three to ten day silence program. It begins in the morning with Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya, has guided meditation sessions through the day, and ends with blissful chanting and Knowledge from Sri Sri in the evening. Tasty, healthy food is served to all course participants at meal times (on courses held on location of course).

It helps you deep dive into youself. You will emerge recharged and rejuvenated, so that you are better equipped to deal with the stresses and challenges with equanimity and poise. Your face will be aglow and your heart at peace.

After more than two decades of practicing meditation, Dinesh and I still do one AMC every year, and we recommend that you do too. Take a few days off, unplug yourself from the world and totally relax.

Our favourite places to do an AMP? The Art of Living ashrams in Bangalore, Rishikesh, Gujarat and Germany – and of course, online, from the comfort of our own homes!

Note that you need to have learned the Sudarshan Kriya to be eligible to participate on an AMP.

“Three things to hold on to – Sharpness in the Intellect, Happiness in the Mind and Tenderness in the Heart.”

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Anxiety & Disordered Sleep Workshop

Experience Rest

Sleep is a super power – Nature’s gift to us to rejuvenate ourselves and get ready for the next day. Every single organ and system in our body is positively impacted by good quality sleep. Unfortunately, most people living in urban areas the world over have significant sleep issues resulting in a highly compromised quality of life.

Not being able to sleep well, coupled with the challenges that life throws at you every single day may well result in anxiety disorders. Many suffer in silence, wondering when they could become themselves again…

This is a special course designed to help people get over their anxiety issues and sleep better. 

Along with the Sudarshan Kriya, powerful techniques are taught to awaken the latent power of the Vagus nerve. An activated vagus has a profound effect on the body and mind – resulting in an enhanced ability to relax, handle stress and even foster better social relationships.

For a person suffering from anxiety and disordered sleep, this course is a shining ray of hope, that all will finally be well.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

The Lightness of Being

Everyone has experienced a meditative state in moments of deep joy, or when completely engrossed in an activity, when just for a few moments the mind becomes light and at ease. Almost all of us have sporadically experienced such moments of utter calm and peace, but we are unable to repeat them at will. The Sahaj Samadhi Meditation program takes you into Stillness. This technique almost instantly alleviates the practitioner from stress-related problems, deeply relaxes the mind, and rejuvenates the system.

‘Sahaj’ is a Sanskrit word that means natural or effortless. ‘Samadhi’ is a deep, blissful, meditative state. ‘Sahaj Samadhi Meditation’ is a natural, effortless system of meditation.

Each participant will be individually initiated into the practice of Meditation with a mantra by the teacher.

Regular practise of the technique can totally transform the quality of one’s life, by culturing the body-mind system to maintain the peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day.

The YES!+ Program

Accelerating Excellence

Everyone wants to be eighteen… except the ones who are eighteen!

The age group eighteen to thirty is a wonderful time in life. You feel you can conquer the world! Your body and mind are at their peak. Unfortunately, so is the confusion. There are too many options, so many challenges and raging hormones. Things you do or don’t in this time can profoundly affect the rest of your life and the lives of all those you love.

You desperately need a calm, poised mind to be able to take sensible decisions. The YES!+ course was created by Bawa and Dinesh under the guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to address all these issues and more.

Sparkling with dialogue, peppered with fun and humour, liberally sprinkled with insightful interactive processes, all enveloped with exploring a dimension of yourself you didn’t even know existed, this course is a delectable treat for a young person who wants to go places.

The Sudarshan Kriya is taught on this course, along with many techniques to enhance focus and concentration levels.

You will have the tools and the ability to be able to live the life you want to live, instead of the life you have to live.

Bawa and Dinesh pioneered and created courses for Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts, that enable you to learn, practice and make a career out of alternative healing modalities.

There are many other courses that Art of Living offers from learning Yoga to vegetarian cooking, Ayurveda and almost everything in between.

The teachers and volunteers of the Art of Living foundation strive to create a better world for themselves and their communities through various service activities like planting trees, rejuvenating rivers, running free schools in villages and slums, empowering women, providing vocational training for village youth, helping disaster victims, etc.

You will find descriptions and details of all this and more on our website www.artofliving.org

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What you get when you enroll on our courses 

Specially Created Workshops

 Our workshops are a smooth blend of pre-recorded and live sessions, coupled with amazing group processes, culminating with a live Questions and Answers session with Bawa and Dinesh every Saturday night at 9 pm (Indian Time).

The pre-recorded content has been exclusively created for these workshops and is not available to view any where else.

Weekly follow-up sessions

We have group meditation practices twice a week – Wednesday mornings and Saturday evenings. These sessions are facilitated by our expert teachers themselves and are open exclusively for our students.

There is usually a brief Question and Answer session after the meditation is done where you will have the opportunity to clarify doubts if you have any.

Bonus workshops

We will share a series of emails, videos and live workshops that will present new ways to enrich your life. A diverse set of experts have been creating bespoke content for us.

Topics covered will include alternative healing modalities, creative writing, movement therapy, yogic fitness, exploring the world of mantras, cooking, creating your own website, dancing and many more…

Experience the Art of Living

Eliminate unneccesary stress

Boost your Immunity

Be full of Bubbling Energy

Have better relationships

Enhance your focus, productivity and creativity

Have a smile that warms your heart and makes your eyes shine!