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“Technology has made the world into a global village. Spirituality will make it into a family.”

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Fix my Mind - Fix My Life

Start me on my Wellness Journey - I want to fix the ONE thing that will change almost everything!

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What you get when you enroll

Specially Created Workshops

Our workshops are a smooth blend of pre-recorded and live sessions, coupled with amazing group processes, culminating with a live Questions and Answers session with Bawa and Dinesh every Saturday night at 9 pm (Indian Time).

The pre-recorded content has been exclusively created for these workshops and is not available to view any where else.

Lead by our expert teachers, our courses are an absolute delight.

Weekly follow-up sessions

We have group meditation practices twice a week - Wednesday mornings and Saturday evenings. These sessions are facilitated by our expert teachers themselves and are open exclusively or our students.

There is usually a brief Question and Answer session after the meditation is done where you will have the opportunity to clarify doubts if you have any.

Enjoy the power of group meditation every week.

Bonus Content

We will share a series of emails, videos and live workshops that will present new ways to enrich your life. A diverse set of experts have been creating bespoke content for us.

Topics covered will include alternative healing modalities, creative writing, movement therapy, yogic fitness, exploring the world of mantras, cooking, creating your own website, dancing and many more...

Experience the Art of Living


Eliminate unneccesary stress

Boost your Immunity

Be full of Bubbling Energy

Have better relationships

Enhance your focus, productivity and creativity

Have a smile that warms your heart and makes your eyes shine!